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Innovation at Work: Research about Music Together

The Music Together program is frequently studied by independent researchers at institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, and by our own research and development teams. Together, we’re committed to furthering the understanding of the powerful role music can play in early childhood. Two major initiatives in Trenton, NJ, and Bridgeport, CT, are discussed here. And below are a few of the projects we’ve been involved in more recently:

Center for Intercultural Teaching and Learning, Goshen College, IN.

This pilot study evaluated the effects of the Music Together program on the parenting practices and educational engagement of at-risk adolescent parents.

Reunity Houses of Family Connections, NJ.

Used with parents and children aged 0-7 who had been separated due to abuse and neglect, the Music Together component of this reunification process was found to promote positive parenting practices, increase parents' understanding of child development, and contribute to overall success rates in families' reunification.

University of California at Los Angeles, CA.

To support children's emotional and behavioral regulation and promote positive parent-child relationships, Music Together was implemented as part of the SEEDS-IT (Strategies for Enhancing Early Developmental Success – Infants and Toddlers) program. This federally-funded prevention and early-intervention program is for children 1–2 years old with prenatal alcohol exposure and their foster parents, adoptive parents, and caregiving relatives.

University of Minnesota, MN.

The goal of this federally funded (IES) pilot is to improve executive function skills in impoverished preschoolers, particularly those from homeless or highly mobile families. Music Together songs and activities were chosen and adapted to boost the executive function potential of the experience and integrate it into the intervention.

Rowan University, NJ.

In four Early Head Start classes in Camden, NJ, this project is exploring the impact of the Music Together In School curriculum on parenting practices, family engagement, and teacher development.

Music Together LLC and Good Beginnings of Central Vermont.

Using carefully adapted Music Together activities during home visits, this small pilot project is exploring the impact of music on parenting skills, family bonding, and the overall home-visiting experience.

Though less recent, two other major initiatives in Trenton NJ and Bridgeport CT also clearly highlighted Music Together's effectiveness. Read more about them here.

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