Outreach in schools

Music Together Reaches Out

When Music Together is part of the curriculum, music isn’t just fun—it’s also a powerful learning tool. We are committed to bringing the joys and benefits of music-making to as many children as possible, including those from low-income families and other at-risk populations. Our licensees have partnered with many private and public early childhood programs to bring Music Together to thousands of children in need.

Funding for In-school Outreach

We are proud that Music Together is supported by a wide range of funding sources that wish to provide music education to high-need/at-risk populations. Since 1989, the Music Together curriculum has been supported in schools by many public and private foundation grants, including:

First 5 California
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
U.S. Department of Education
PNC: Grow Up Great
United Way

As part of our commitment to serving all families, Music Together LLC offers a special rate for qualified projects and schools serving at-risk populations. Here are just a few highlights of outreach applications of our in-school curriculum.

Enhancing education in a high-poverty area:
Music for the Very Young, New Jersey

Music for the Very Young is a collaborative project of the Trenton Community Music School and Music Together LLC. Since 2000, the program has served thousands of families in community-based preschools and in Trenton public schools. The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, a long-term project funder, has commended the project's partners for their "incandescent mission and inspired action," emphasizing their appreciation of the extensive teacher training and support built into the program. According to the foundation: "Your service to the children and their families, teachers, and preschools in Trenton helps us imagine the promise of public education to respond to the needs of a complex and perpetually changing world."

Improving outcomes for at-risk children in Head Start:
Total Learning Initiative, Connecticut

The Total Learning Initiative is a comprehensive educational approach to school change that aims to reduce the achievement gap between poor and upper-income children in Bridgeport, Connecticut. As part of the federal- and state-funded project, Music Together was offered in eight Head Start preschool classrooms. The children in these classrooms showed statistically significant gains on the cognitive change, language, and physical development domains of the Head Start Creative Curriculum Assessment. 

Read more  about the gains in language, cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development for children in this program. (PDF)
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Program Evaluation

Our research-based program is aligned with the NAEYC, Head Start, and Early Head Start standards, along with other early childhood curricula. It also lends itself to the variety of assessment tools commonly used to measure children’s learning and development during these early years.