Bring Out the Best in Your Baby

Bonding through family activities that focus on music—like singing around a piano—is increasingly rare. Today, children often experience music passively through mobile devices, CDs, and TV. But music-making is a basic life skill, just like walking or talking. Although simply listening to music has its place in a well-rounded music education, it doesn’t support learning in the same way that active music-making experiences do. When a child can learn through the support and example of family members in the same way they learn language, their learning potential is limitless.

In your Music Together class, you’ll explore ways to make music with and for your baby, giving them the support they need to become the music-maker they were born to be.

How will music help my baby?

toddler playing music1

Did you know that all infants are born ready to play with music? Learn more about how your child can benefit from exposure to music from the very beginning.







Babies Class


Your baby is ready to make some music! Read more about Music Together’s one-semester Babies Class, specifically created for parents with newborns under eight months old.






Mixed-age Class

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Music Together’s Mixed-age Class is just right for your baby! Babies love the stimulating environment created when a group of children from birth through five—and their grownups—join together to sing, dance, jam, and play.





Childcare and Early Learning Settings


Did you know that babies enrolled in care settings offering the Music Together curriculum can enjoy all the music and benefits of our family classes during their school day? Learn more about how you can help bring Music Together to your baby’s childcare center.