Chilldcare settings

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Childcare and Early Learning Settings

Picture a childcare center where music is a seamless part of daily life. Teachers joyfully lead music activities, and you, the parent, know the same songs and can sing them at home to your baby. You also get to share special music times at school. Just think of the bond this can create among you, your child, and the whole school community! That's what Music Together In School looks like.

Featuring an artistically conceived flow of songs, rhythmic rhymes, instrumental jam sessions, fingerplays, and movement activities, our weekly in-school classes are 30- to 45-minutes long and taught by Music Together specialists in cooperation with classroom teachers at your child’s school. The combination and types of activities are research-based, so they support children’s developing competence in tonality and rhythm. The learning continues as the activities evolve into creative musical play—and a good bit of genuine, silly fun!

Classroom teachers follow through on the weekly sessions, adapting activities to their curriculum and using music to support the children’s learning and development in many areas. And children get to “bring the music home,” so that you and your child can share the songs and activities learned in school and deepen your child’s experience at home. Not only will your child crave the repetition—you’ll really appreciate knowing what your child is learning at school and joining in on the fun!

Did you know you can help bring the Music Together curriculum to your baby's childcare center? Contact us if you'd like to learn how, or visit the Class Locator to find a school already offering our program near you.