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Music Together at Your Child's School

Did you know that, even though your big kid is at school full-time, they can still enjoy Music Together? We’ve developed a big kids’ in-school curriculum especially for kindergarten and early elementary school classrooms.

Featuring an artistically conceived combination of songs, rhythmic rhymes, instrument play, and movement activities, this curriculum for schools can be taught by a Music Together specialist, or your school’s music teacher after completion of our teacher training. Our research-based curriculum supports children’s basic tonal and rhythmic competence as well as their emerging music literacy. And learning continues to happen even as the activities evolve into creative vocal, rhythmic, and imaginative play—plus a good bit of genuine, silly fun!

Children get to “bring the music home” so that you and your child can share the songs and activities learned in school. Just think of the bond this can create among you, your child, and their teachers. You’ll really appreciate knowing what your children are learning at school—and joining in on the fun!

If you'd like to learn more about bringing the Music Together curriculum to your child's elementary school, please contact us.